Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Another teenager in the house, my girl is growing up.

Gone are the gifts of toys and in come suitcases, clothes, cinema tickets and the hugest bunch of roses delivered to our door from a much loved God Father.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful, glorious milestone to be celebrating with your daughter. Send her our love, blessings and great happiness ;-)

Hope your birthday was beautiful, too. Did you get the parcel, Denise?

Love, Veronika and family

devonmama said...

Happy Birthday to your new teenager! What a lovely idea the roses were. I'm sure she felt especially taken care of on her special day xx

cathy@home said...

What a lovely bunch of roses Happy birthday teenager.

angelina said...

i was so happy to see your post pop up. hope you are now smiling lots to have your daughter home. x

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter--I cherish those years with my daughters. XOXO