Thursday, 21 April 2011

Feeding the Deer

And the adventures keep coming, another wonderful day out, feeding Scottish Red Deer.
A very bumpy tractor ride, took us into their field, the sight of so many and up so close was breath taking.

We fed them handfuls of food, we stroked and admired them, such gentle and handsome animals.

Our guide, a wonderful old Norfolk farmer, was full of tales and information,his love for the deer shone from him, calling them by name and telling stories about his favourite, Sophie, who didn't leave his side.

Sandpits,sunshine, ice creams, Easter eggs and fancy picnic baskets full of china and flasks of coffee all added to the fun, leaving us feeling so very lucky.


Dawn said...

Lovely, we enjoy doing this at a deer sanctuary in the New Forest nearby where the deer are wild and are attracted to the sanctuary part of the year with food. Great to see them so close up and watch the pecking order too with the stags.

Beautiful pictures x

Susan said...

Honestly, it reminds me of our home in Connecticut! We had upward to 15 or 16 deer in the morning that we fed, along with about 100 Canadian Geese. I miss my wildlife, but seeing your day brought back beautiful memories when Kelly lived in the apartment above the garage and she'd be awaken by honking geese! Love you, XOXO

4kids, 2 guinea pigs, 1 happy family said...

Lovely photos, we are often in Norfolk, but have often fancied the deer trail in Snettisham. Think we might have to give it ago next time.