Thursday, 29 September 2011

Visiting the Ice Cream Parlour

We sat soaking up the sunshine, watching the leaves falling from the trees, a last minute, unplanned adventure, the best kind.

 I managed some knitting, loving the reflection of the seasons colours in my yarn.

 O played, chasing shadows, riding on the tractors, lifting his face to the sun over and over again.

Then decisions to be made, for me at least, O knew exactly what he wanted.

Always pink, his favourite and for me cinder toffee, a nod to the true season.

Autumn Blessings x

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Yarn Along - 4

Autumn mists early this morning, burnt off now by a glorious warm, sun.
After a lovely day with friends yesterday at a local nature reserve, soaking up this Indian Summer, we have plans to enjoy every last drop of it, a trip to the beach tomorrow, would do it justice I feel, picnic, buckets and spades having a final fling with this burst of goodness.

Yarning Along again with Ginny over at , such a lovely blog, full of family life in all its rich tapestries.
So, a book and whats on your needles, well as I have both on the go constantly, this is an easy post.

On the needles first, a much loved pattern from Last minute knitted gifts, hand/wrist warmers in autumn shades.
Am on my second pair, this time round, have plans for them, giving the gift of warm hands, to fight off the coming cold.
Details of pattern and wool used on my Ravelry page here

I am delighted to finally be reading Wren Bay by Clarice Fox-Hughes of
a blog packed full of delights and now a novel with the same feel, why did I wait so long to get a copy.

Happy Days to all x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Glimpses of Summer

Summer snippets - good food, good days out, good knitting and reading, good times.
Have missed this space, this time to share, connect and discover.
Good to be back.