Thursday, 29 September 2011

Visiting the Ice Cream Parlour

We sat soaking up the sunshine, watching the leaves falling from the trees, a last minute, unplanned adventure, the best kind.

 I managed some knitting, loving the reflection of the seasons colours in my yarn.

 O played, chasing shadows, riding on the tractors, lifting his face to the sun over and over again.

Then decisions to be made, for me at least, O knew exactly what he wanted.

Always pink, his favourite and for me cinder toffee, a nod to the true season.

Autumn Blessings x


devonmama said...

Gorgeous! xx

Susan said...

Nothing better than ice cream on a beautiful Fall last memory of the summer gone by. You have me longing to try cinder toffee; it's sounds wonderful.
Much love dear friend, XOXO