Thursday, 20 October 2011

Coming in from the cold

First frost of the season, this morning,
making us feel good about devoting some time to the garden at the weekend.
We cleared, filling up the compost heaps.
We dug, a little.

 O took time in creating some sculptures,
a delight for the eyes in the season of bare earth.

 And we brought in our last Harvest of the year.
Potatoes have been big and plentiful.
Courgettes, a great start but fizzed out quickly.

 The girls are still laying, a couple a day, even though we are down to 3 chickens, loosing Linda in the Summer.

 Tomatoes, have only managed to feed us in the, pick and eat way with not enough for our normal freezer stock of roasted tomato sauce, such a shame.
We grew as many plants, just a smaller crop.
Chillies, started in the greenhouse, then placed in a sunny spot in the garden.
A good turn out with pots in the freezer, ready for some fire in the cold, dark months.

And one pumpkin with many a baby.
Ground hungry, I think this will be our last year in giving room to these beauties.

And so the garden begins it rest.


Dotty said...

Great veggies. My poor little pumpkins are all babies- not sure if I'm doing something wrong!

devonmama said...

I love your pumpkin babies, like a little family! xx

Anonymous said...

You have shared wonderful outdoor autumn busy-ness in the garden.

Unknown said...

I love that feeling of clearing up the garden after the Summer and getting her ready for the Winter rest. And how I love topping up the compost heap with those remains...everything back to Mother Earth. Feels so good. Blessings from beautiful Cumbria....

Daisy said...

Yeah, our tomatoes didn't do too well this year either!

smilymel said...

I'm so glad I took the opportunity while the rain took a breather to get out in the frost with Little C this morning. We harvested a ton of carrots, the last few raspberries, and tidied a little too - great morning for it!

Rose said...

my squash didn't do so well this year either, don't think I watered them enough. Really precious days before it's bitter cold out!

Much love X

Jacqui said...

Not going to do pumpkins next year either - well - I will try not to.
See you soon!!

Susan said...

I'm trying to get out to the garden to put it to rest for the between the rain :(! It's inevitable that the seasons come--even the cold ones! Love you, Susan

denise said...

I love the end of the season garden. Everything looks wonderful!