Tuesday, 4 October 2011

in the Making & Repairing

My Dad is having surgery today, widening a couple of arteries.
An overnight stay, means that my parents, married for 41 years, will be parted, something that has happened only a handful of times in all those years.
I had plans for today, a trip out but staying closer to home, to the phone, being around for my Mum in the end was what my heart needed.

 O slept until 10am after a whirlwind trip to Legoland with Daddy and some friends,
plenty of time to distract myself in the kitchen and tick off some of those plans.
Pumpkins baked yesterday, scooped out and stored, some in the freezer and some in the fridge, ready for today.
Hummus made and pumpkin puree added,delicious.
Black beans soaking in the background, ready for cooking and adding to Quinoa and Black Bean Chilli, a new favourite from the 30 day Vegan program.

Spices, sugar and pumpkin blending in the pan for Pumpkin Spice Syrup.
My kitchen smells like the season.

Whats cooking in your kitchen ?

Dad's surgery went wonderfully, all well and now home.
Thanks for your lovely wishes.


Claire said...

That does sound yummy! Distractions and busy-ness are often the best kind of remedy.

Birthday cake baking going on here for Mum's birthday today.

Wishing your Dad a speedy recovery. xx

Susan said...

I made Pumpkin Latte Coffeecakes, but I like the idea of the pumpkin syrup--so would have Kelly:) I agree, the kitchen does smell like the season. Love you, Susan

Sandra Ann said...

Prayers for your Dad.

Hugs San x

Unknown said...

Sending blessings to your dad (and you, of course!) Hope all goes smoothly and the angels are with him.

Eliza's cooking up an Italian vegetable casserole: red peppers, aubergines, garlic and so on, on top of a layer of rice.

love to you all, veronika

Unknown said...

PS LOVE the new look blog. Have never worked out how to get a few pics along the top of the blog. Jacqui F. has it on hers too, and I really love it.

Kimmie said...

All looks very delish!
Prayers fot your dad.

Unknown said...

hey honey, how's your dad today? how are YOU today?
love and hugs, v

Jessica said...

Wishing your dad a speedy recovery. Hugs to all.

me said...

Just come acros this. Hugs to you and wishing your dad a speedy recovery xxx