Tuesday, 18 October 2011

on a Sunday Afternoon in the Autumn

There were pots of tea, scones with jam and cream,dainty china tea cups, 
slices of cake and cup cakes aplenty.

 There was colourful dresses and frilly knickers.

 And fans made of feathers.

Blooming Great Vintage Tea Party
How we LOVE you.


devonmama said...

Oooh I love a cream tea, how super! xxx

charlotte said...

this looks like a rather special kind of tea party!!
What fun.

Dotty said...

OO la la!!! A cream tea with a difference:)

W-S Wanderings said...

I never thought of mixing feathers and frills with tea before. That looks like a delightfully spicy tea party :-)

Susan said...

Tea parties are the best! Kelly took both Erin and I to a Tea House for a lovely high tea; by far one of the most memorable things we did. I hope one day to share a cuppa with you. XOXO

Rose said...

Just awesome! I have plans for tea rooms in half term with my littlies. Much love X