Friday, 4 November 2011

Loving Lewis - Monday at the Sheep Dip

A community, come together,
to bring down from the hills and the crofts,
to sort and check,
count and time,
pens of sheep
for dipping.

Amid the laughter, sharing of sweets and tales,
the sounds of hoofs, whistles and gates,
a job gets done.

And if you thought you'd escaped the bath,
evading the sheep dogs round up,
a journey on the back of a quad bike is in order,
to make sure everyone gets their dipping.

Wonderful post by Jacqui about this day here


Susan said...

What a wonderful post! I remember this all too well when we were in the UK for our 25th wedding anniversary in '93! Thank you for bringing back this memory. XOXO

karen said...

I bet you never got tired of looking at all of those sheep! Great photos.