Saturday, 5 November 2011

Seven Days ( or maybe five this week )

Celebrating the past week, ordinary days full of rich blessings.
Life and how we live it.
  • Halloween fun, alittle rushed this year, as just back from our glorious holiday.
  • Catching up with toys.
  • Winning first prize in a raffle, a hamper of local goodness.
  • Loving our tree and her new gown of autumn colours, carpeting the lawn.
  • Racing round and round, the excitement of friendships.
Join in with your own Seven Days over with Jacqui


Dawn said...

Lovely, congratulations on the hamper, looks lovely.

Love your silhouette picture, beautiful x

Susan said...

I'm so jealous--I've never won anything! Although, my hubby says it was enough to win his heart!
It looks like you're in the throws of Fall as we are. Lots of comfort foods, warm woolens, and knitting projects. Love you, XOXO

Unknown said...

What a beautiful week

Hannah said...

Beautiful, happy photos!

Unknown said...

Lovely autumnal photos! Congratulations on winning the hamper - it looks delicious. :) x

Jacqui said...

Lovely days - what a great hamper. Wondering if O's toys are on the ferry..:)

Andria said...

Beautiful photos! I love the leaves, they are just gorgeous.

Pip said...

hi, i have popped over via Barefoot crofter's seven days and love your blog. Such envy for that tree and roap swing. beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

devonmama said...

Congratulations, how lovely to win a hamper! Love the halloween picture and leaves too, such a colourful season xxx

Isil Simsek said...

What a lovely idea! I love the pics of leaves and enjoy your hamper.