Monday, 2 January 2012

Cheese Scones save the day

I did very little fancy cooking this Christmas ( read I did none ) just the way things turned out this year, something had to give and it turned out to be the homemade cheesecakes, mince pies ( although the mincemeat is still sat, crying out to be used ) and other delights of the season.
The one thing I did make though and which, thankfully were a big hit, cheese and broccoli scones, a simple treat, which suited us this year.We enjoyed them with soup ( butternut squash, homemade ) and even with leftover chilli.

Cheese and Broccoli Scones

450g self raising flour, rub in around 100g butter until breadcrumbs form.
Add 100g cooked, chopped broccoli and 50g cheese, I used a mix of cheddar and Stilton.
Stir in 2 eggs and add milk slowly until a dough is formed, around 75mls.
Gently press out on floured surface, I don't roll out, leaving dough quite thick.
Use a biscuit cutter or as I did one for ravioli.
Bake in the oven for approx 20 mins on 180 ( mine took 40 mins in the Rayburn, so please adapt to your oven)
The smell is so worth cooking them for, filling the kitchen and making you believe your domestic Goddess hasn't been completely lost, she is merely having a rest on the chaise.


smilymel said...

Oooh, my mouth is watering just reading this. I'll be getting some broccoli next shopping trip just to give this a try.

Daisie said...

Love the thought of my domestic goddess having a rest on the chaise, made me smile! Happy new year, may it bring you and yours health and much hapiness! x

Jacqui said...

Oh yes, I can see you now. Scones look fab! I like to do a cheese and herb scone with soup, but they are great for breakfast too. xxx

freerangegirl said...

There must be something in the air, I've just finished a batch of cheese scones over here. Wishing I'd followed this recipe though as the broccoli sounds like a great addition - cheers x

Dawn said...

Cheese scones are one of my favourites, oh the temptation to catch the train to your home ;-)

It's good to take a break from things, makes you appreciate things again afterwards, and feel appreciated.

love to you x

The Yarn Owl said...

Yum, they look lovely! An easy using up mincemeat idea that goes down well here is to core some bramley apples, stuff with mincemeat and bake, then serve with custard!

Dotty said...

OO they sound and look delicious!

The Colourful Girl said...

The scones sound delicious, they're now on my list of things to bake!x