Tuesday, 23 October 2012

At our School

In the eyes of the education system, O would have started his school years back in September.
He didn't, he remains at home.

Our days have continued pretty unchanged.
We have been dipping our toes back into our local home education scene, alittle more planning is happening and 2 workbooks make an occasional appearance.

Crafting, ofcourse, is happening.
Autumn lends itself so beautifully to making, seeing, doing, learning.

Our days, are slow, play-filled, colourful times.
Long may they reign.


Susan said...

I believe creativity is only nourished in home schooling now a days. In the U.S., we hear over and over again how far behind our kids are in math and science compared to the rest of the world, but they continue to cut art and music classes.
I love that you know the importance of a well-balanced education includes creativity, XOXO

Crafts @ Home said...

I am so envious of you :) I wish I'd brought my children up like this. I love the creative crafting,
Sue Xxx