Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Learning to Love

I am a natural sitter, the perfect position for knitting, reading, watching a movie, eating chocolate, blogging ! My favourite past times.
So, getting up and out there has never been my activity of choice.

Yet, I guess, I have always wanted it to be, a daily stroll, nature walk, early morning leg stretch, hike, all sound so good, so wholesome, so healthy. 

Still, I always had a list of good reasons for not managing to get myself moving,from no wellies to too hot/cold/tired/busy lazy ! 


But I decided that while on holiday, all that would change. Those hiking boots owned for years ( see, told you I wanted to be that healthy hiker ) and still looking shop new, would finally get broken in. 
And so walk we did, from seafront stroll to 3 mile hike around a nature reserve.

We hunted pirates, looked for treasure, bird watched, skimmed stones, gazed at amazing views, held hands, sang, danced and at times pushed myself, one step more, just round that bend, lets see whats up ahead.
What changed ?
I stopped over thinking, allowing my mind to be filled with reasons why I shouldn't/couldn't/wouldn't and instead I had my boots and coat on before everyone else, was out the door and doing it, breathing deeply and feeling my heart beat.
Now home, my new love affair continues, today's walk was in the woods, autumn smells, sounds, beautiful colours all around and a huge blue, sky.
What are you learning to love ?


Susan said...

I find myself being drawn outside more, not only with chores, but just enjoying the beautiful nature around us. I'm so happy it gives you joy too and the serenity you need. Love you, XOXO

karen said...

I am a sitter too!! I love to sit and knit. I purposefully go out for walks and consider it my exercise.

Unknown said...

Good for you! My daily walk is my sanctuary...not only an antidote to a sedentary job, but a place to enjoy the beautiful landscape where I live. Walking brings me peace, harmony and joy. There is so much beauty in this natural world and the more we are part of it, the more in love with life we are. HUGS, V