Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mama's Crumble

Visiting my big boy at uni tomorrow, first time
He asked me to bring food, lots of food, especially meatloaf and apple crumble
Ah, these are the rewards.
All those years of shovelling it down with barely a word spoken and now he says "please mum bring some of your crumble, I love it, oh and meatloaf, it's my favourite"
Be still my heart, there's light at the end of that teenage tunnel


Unknown said...

Bless you beautiful lady! Yes, there's is light...long may it shine!

arwen_tiw said...


Cheryl said...

Yet to reach the teenage years, but its good to know there is hope! (smile)

Susan said...

Isn't it lovely to see the change...when you least expect it. How appreciative they get when they're away:-d BTW, can I have some crumble too...that looks delicious:-D