Wednesday, 14 November 2012

At the building site

Our home education days are still very simple, easy, every day living.
I'd be fibbing, if I said, that worries do not sometimes set in, thoughts of reassessing, readjusting, rejiggling our days and with K still so poorly, school does seem an easier option.
But, my belief still lies in family life learning in the early years, gentle times of play, creativity and nurturing.
This morning has been full of building site planning, design, demolition and rebuilding, many vehicles have been drafted in from diggers and cranes to tanks and fighter jets !
A brief break to help load the machine with its bread making ingredients, counting and measuring as we go then straight back on site.
He is immersed, using different voices for different vehicles, people, he is constantly changing, rearranging, planning.
I watch and listen, make comment when he asks, how tall is a crane ? Does this bridge look strong ? Will my jet shoot this digger ?
I catch snippets of pasted conversations being played out, Time Team digs occurring and Tree Fu Tom swooping in to save the day.
And on he plays, uninterrupted, content and happy.
Learning, of that I am sure.


Susan said...

I can say Ari mimicked the same playing with the sounds and imagination. Quite remarkable experience to be around boys having raised two daughters, but I love it, XOXO

Hannah said...

So very much learning!
I read somewhere (probably several places) that interrupting a child's play to "educate" them in those early years stumps rather than promotes learning as their natural inclinations are to develop skills and knowledge that they need for the stage they're at.