Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dinner fit for Seals

We, have been immersed in books about seals, fact and fiction, O's favourite is Selkie by far, I guess I've read it maybe 20 times since Sunday !
A wonderful story of the magic of seals, turning into beautiful girls and an oyster catcher and his lazy wife, who wish to catch one.
Pages of seals have been drawn, swimming, sleeping and lots and lots of, pups being born.
Our talks have included seals enemies, seals friends and their homes.
O has lead and I have followed, reading the books, answering questions, finding places on map.
We, have plans to make seal shaped biscuits and more books to read.
O wanted a seal-like meal ! We talked about what seals eat and came up with fish curry, I think they would have been impressed.


Susan said...

A lovely dinner for you and seals, XOXO

Joxy34 said...

Brilliant, sounds like much fun being had :-))