Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy November

I am embracing November, it's darkness, the cold weather it brings, short days, long nights, I embrace it all.
This month, for myself, my family, my home, will be centred around peace and mindfulness.
I will not get caught up in the festive rush but celebrate the art of making, creating.
We will enjoy noticing the changing of the season on our walks and give thanks for what has been and welcome in the new.
We will feast on good food, foods that nourish and give health.
We will be mindful, not wasteful of the food and drink we have, we are the lucky ones.
I will honour myself, my friends and family, letting them know the special place they have in my heart.
I will rest, relax and restore my soul, my spirit, my self.
I will learn to find my own light in the winter darkness, my own warmth when temperatures drop, I will learn to listen to myself.
I will celebrate this wild and precious life.
Join me ?


Unknown said...

Yes please, I'd love to join you!

Julia said...

What a beautiful post! :)

karen said...

I'm joining you. I want to be mindful and grateful every day.

happyjustdoing said...

Also joining you! It's perfect for us. Thank you.