Monday, 5 November 2012

Sun Seeker

It's not as if, I hadn't been warned.
Frosty photos on instagram, wrapping up for the school run posts on Facebook, chickens huddled in a pile and the dog hot stepping it round the garden and then retreating to her bed.

And, yet, when I stepped out, armed optimistically with my laundry, the fresh air rushing into my lungs was a shock,the chilly tingles a surprise.

Winter is coming, is here ?

Washing hung, I searched the garden, yearning for my dose of vitamin D, some warmth on my face, bright light to fill my being.

Weakened, low in the sky but not defeated, still shining, I stepped into my puddle of sunshine.

Thank you November sun.


The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

Beautifully poetic! We haven't seen the sun in a month. Incredibly cloudy October-November and we are feeling the lack of its light and warmth,deeply. Wish I could slip into that stream of light you found!

arwen_tiw said...


Susan said...

I'm here in Ohio with my little King--it's been gloomy the whole time and some houses still don't have electricity, but his smile brings the sunshine:-D