Monday, 7 January 2013

On my plate

What do I put on my plate ?
Is it realistic ?
Too much ?
Too little ?
How much do I allow others to pile on my plate ?
Do I welcome, encourage it ?

I love food and left to my own devices, would always pile my plate high.
Along with rethinking those portions, I am thinking about my life on a plate, lessening some areas and heaping it on in others.
Discovering, rethinking and reeducating myself.
What will tickle your taste buds in 2013 ?


Susan said...

First, I love the pattern on your plate! I have used a small plate for my meals for over two years now to promote healthy portions. And, if we eat out, I always divide half and take it home so I don't over eat. However, I am a baker and in order to enjoy even a taste, exercise has to be part of my day, XOXO

Merlesworld said...

Your plate reminds me of my grandmother's place and eating there as a child, only she always gave us lots of food maybe that was why we loved going there so much.

Unknown said...

Hello again, so lovely to read your beautiful blog again, your words are always so welcome.

Happy New Year to you all x x

(I love that plate too!)

Gina xxx