Monday, 11 March 2013

Batteries no longer Required

New girls in the coop, Daffodil, Tulip & Primrose.
Rescued on Saturday, British Hen Welfare Trust be blessed.
Bare backed, straggly ladies, nervous, not sure of the coop, the ramp, Yoko !
Settling in, stretching those wings, venturing a little further each day.
Welcome Home.


Unknown said...

They couldn't have gone to a better home. Thank you for the beautiful card which arrived today. Simply perfect. Love you Mrs Ridgway!

Rose said...

I'm sure they will learn happiness in your family lady. I want chooks but still working out how I can covertly get them in without the Mr noticing! Monday new moon blessings ! X

Dotty said...

Ah lovely! I bet they'll be feeling right at home in no time x