Friday, 22 March 2013


Last week, my Mum turned 60 and celebrated her 43rd wedding anniversary too.
We gifted them a night in a hotel, The Kings Arms in Kent, such strong family memories, my Nan worked there, my Mum too, my Dad was barred in his youth, my uncles drank there and many a family gathering was held.
What my parents didn't know, is that we were there too, along with cousins, brothers, aunties and friends.
Surprise !
Such a lovely evening, full of the warmest of wishes, the brightest of blessings and love, so much love.


Jacqui said...

How fab! What a great picture :) we did a surprise 25th for my parents - oh such a long time ago - happy memories xxx

Unknown said...

They're so blessed to have you for a daughter, Denise. So blessed.