Friday, 31 May 2013

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Yarn Along - Mosaic & Balloon Pants

Yarn Along - a chance to share your latest read and knit, both big loves of mine.

I am surrounded by a rainbow of talented friends, who create, make, design, sing, act and write, filling these days with beauty, I am a lucky girl.
Veronika Robinson, The Mother Magazine Owner, Editor, passionate, peaceful parenting advocate, Author and much loved friend has written many non fiction books, The Drinks are on Me, breastfeeding wisdom to Mystic Cookfire, the recipes of which fill my home with delicious smells and my belly with good food.

Mosaic is her first novel.
I was nervous, very nervous, fiction is such a personal thing, the stories we choose to escape in, the characters we love, hate, cry with, cheer on, remember.
I so wanted to enjoy this book, I was worried I wouldn't.
Real people leapt off the pages, recognizable situations, relationship struggles and joys.
Veronika has taken her beliefs, her passions and written them into a wonderful story of meaning, exploring relationships and the value of enjoying, each and every blessing.
Glimpses of music listened to, meals enjoyed, all added to a feeling of friendship with these characters, women of depth, survivors of lifes bruises, lovers of the every day and celebrators of the magic of living.
Why on earth did I worry.
I loved it.
The book launch was a joint celebration, wonderful ways with words run in the family, as Eliza, Veronika's daughter was also sending her new novel out into the World, Amend , second book in her Three Stages Trilogy ( Consequence is the first book in the series )

From Ireland, Mandy and Graham, came to sing songs, their stunning voices, blending so well, who'd believe Mandy only discovered her voice and song writing abilities, a year ago.
Songs of love, loss, happiness and chickens filled every corner of the gorgeous Wordsworth Bookshop, Penrith, Cumbria.

Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply is a delight to work with but such small needles, such tiny stitches, have taken time, lots of time.
Ripped back twice, needles broken one, magic loop finally mastered, these pants have been an experience, mostly enjoyable.
So, nearly off the needles.
So, ready for a new project.
Join in with Yarn Along over at Ginnys

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Show Time

Our family festival season always kicks off with a country show, small, local, large, county, we love them all.
Picnic basket dusted off after its winter hibernation, the first outing of the year is always special, sets the scene, we hope for sun but have had the normal range of British spring time surprises - rain, hail, thunder, lightening, this year, we hit lucky, sunshine was the order of the day.

Woodhall Spa Show, a field full of country  delights, sheep, cows, farmers aplenty, dancing dogs and salsa experts, spinning wheels, sugar beet and ostrich burgers, candy floss and merry-go-rounds to add to the fun.

We decorated a cup cake in aid of the air ambulance, learnt about sugar and our county's important role in its production, tasted some local cheeses "wolds blimey" was our favourite, a creamy, blue and spent as always pound after pound indulging Os obsession with those 5 or 6 if your counting is not up to scratch ! tombola tickets, hunting for the 0 or 5 ending to win bubbles, tins of hot dogs ( still in date, if you're lucky ) wine or the illusive bottle of whiskey.
O scored tins of soup, fruit cocktail and in date hot dogs, he declared them a gift for his uni big brother, who I'm sure will appreciate them, this end of grant time.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Rhubarb Cordial

Fresh from my garden
Pink goodness
Topped with ice and fizzy water
Pretty straw a must

Recipe here -

Monday, 20 May 2013

Welcome Toby

Easing my parents aching hearts, after the loss of their much loved dog, Heidi.
Toby, full of life, fun, bouncy and just, so adorable.
He fits right in.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


6 months, into a now 21 year old relationship
N at 26 was still being asked for ID
I was feeling (and still do) like the cat that got all the cream
We, have flown high on love, welcoming our babies, creating our World, living, sharing and learning together
We, have known the depths of darkness, loss, illness, worry and despair
We have clung to each other, counted our blessings, L, K, E and O, and survived
I love this man, I love our children, our family
I am richly blessed

Behind those dark clouds is always sunshine.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fresh from the Coop

Egg production, was slow over the winter, two chickens and only one, gifting us an egg every now and then.
When, we got down to just one lonesome chicken, Yoko, the ex bat girls arrived, things started to liven back up.
Little hands could manage one egg certainly,and even sometimes juggle two,still managing to open and close gates and doors but three eggs a day, proved to be the breaking point, literally !
The excitement of doing his little job, complete with smiles of wonder over each and every egg, "feel it Mama, it's still warm" to laughter at cheekily catching sight of the egg coming out of the Tulip's bottom, changed to tears and much foot stamping as another egg hit the deck, much to the dogs delight.
A solution was quick to be found, a house full of baskets proved its worth, I enjoyed reminded my husband, how useful I told him they'd be.
My boy, with eggs in his basket and a big beaming smile on his face.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

In the Yurt - at Booths

It, would be very fair to say, we ate well, while yurting.
Remembering, we were Mamas getting some R&R, things were kept, well, easy, bags of salad provided the green, delicious homemade pork pie the protein and carbs, there was Italian bread, olives, quiche, humous, of course, always homous and well, plenty of biscuits, cake, crisps, wine, cider and sloe gin !

And then, came a trip to Booths, oldest bookshop in Hay-on-Wye and provider of the Best. Ever. Chips, seriously.
Chip rustling, was a big problem due to those poor souls, who had not added them to their order, although, after one stolen mouthful, this was quickly rectified.

Chai Latte to round a truly scrumptious meal off.

Monday, 13 May 2013

In the Yurt - WonderWool

Planned, plotted and dreamt about through the long, cold winter, finally it was time.
Pick ups started at 7am, took us to airports and train stations.
A boot full of backpacks, wellies, food & drink, yarn and oh yes, some clothes.
8 friends, 2 yurts, a yarn festival to visit and a long weekend ahead of us.
A true, slice of heaven.

Our home, our beauty, Skylark, colourful, yurt of comfort and cosiness.
Owned by Kate and Dominic of  set in the most stunning of surroundings, we were welcomed and cared for like Goddesses.

 Knitting was surely made for candle lit, evenings round the wood stove.

Skills shared, a brand, new knitter was created.

All things fibre, WonderWool was happening not 8 miles from us, part of our itinerary.
Yarn, sheep, felting, spinning wheels, dye pots, the very best of hand knits on display, people watching was a must.
We met with more friends, who had wonderful news to share, we ate the yummiest of handmade scotch eggs and the naughtiest of cakes.
We spent, happily.
Inspired and complete we headed back to our sanctuary.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Bakewell Day

We've been notching up some interesting places on the map over the last few weeks, business trips for N to Singapore, Azerbaijan and Aberdeen and fun visits to Cumbria, Bury and Wales for me.
My whirlwind tour,began with a day in beautiful,Bakewell with my buddy Teresa.
A day of pork pie and piccalilli making at Hartingtons School of Food.
Set in part of an old mill with views over the river, light, bright and airy.
Yummy lunch, pork pie success and Bakewell Tart purchased for later with cups of tea.
Great day.