Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fresh from the Coop

Egg production, was slow over the winter, two chickens and only one, gifting us an egg every now and then.
When, we got down to just one lonesome chicken, Yoko, the ex bat girls arrived, things started to liven back up.
Little hands could manage one egg certainly,and even sometimes juggle two,still managing to open and close gates and doors but three eggs a day, proved to be the breaking point, literally !
The excitement of doing his little job, complete with smiles of wonder over each and every egg, "feel it Mama, it's still warm" to laughter at cheekily catching sight of the egg coming out of the Tulip's bottom, changed to tears and much foot stamping as another egg hit the deck, much to the dogs delight.
A solution was quick to be found, a house full of baskets proved its worth, I enjoyed reminded my husband, how useful I told him they'd be.
My boy, with eggs in his basket and a big beaming smile on his face.


Hannah said...

Aww how lovely! What a great daily routine.

Susan said...

Oh, how I wish we had chickens for fresh eggs with all my baking! XOXO

Lou said...

Such a lovely thing for children to be part of, it's certainly one of Seth's favourite activities although he is not allowed currently due to a few very mean broody chickens, but hopefully that means chicks soon! Oh and I love your sons T-shirt!