Tuesday, 14 May 2013

In the Yurt - at Booths

It, would be very fair to say, we ate well, while yurting.
Remembering, we were Mamas getting some R&R, things were kept, well, easy, bags of salad provided the green, delicious homemade pork pie the protein and carbs, there was Italian bread, olives, quiche, humous, of course, always homous and well, plenty of biscuits, cake, crisps, wine, cider and sloe gin !

And then, came a trip to Booths, oldest bookshop in Hay-on-Wye and provider of the Best. Ever. Chips, seriously.
Chip rustling, was a big problem due to those poor souls, who had not added them to their order, although, after one stolen mouthful, this was quickly rectified.

Chai Latte to round a truly scrumptious meal off.


Dotty said...

Oo those chips certainly do look good! Haven't been to Hay-on-Wye for years- hope there are still plenty of lovely book shops there!

Susan said...

What a lovely get-away:-D

devonmama said...

I'm hungry now! What a lovely break you all had xx