Monday, 13 May 2013

In the Yurt - WonderWool

Planned, plotted and dreamt about through the long, cold winter, finally it was time.
Pick ups started at 7am, took us to airports and train stations.
A boot full of backpacks, wellies, food & drink, yarn and oh yes, some clothes.
8 friends, 2 yurts, a yarn festival to visit and a long weekend ahead of us.
A true, slice of heaven.

Our home, our beauty, Skylark, colourful, yurt of comfort and cosiness.
Owned by Kate and Dominic of  set in the most stunning of surroundings, we were welcomed and cared for like Goddesses.

 Knitting was surely made for candle lit, evenings round the wood stove.

Skills shared, a brand, new knitter was created.

All things fibre, WonderWool was happening not 8 miles from us, part of our itinerary.
Yarn, sheep, felting, spinning wheels, dye pots, the very best of hand knits on display, people watching was a must.
We met with more friends, who had wonderful news to share, we ate the yummiest of handmade scotch eggs and the naughtiest of cakes.
We spent, happily.
Inspired and complete we headed back to our sanctuary.


Jacqui said...

It was just perfect :)

Michelle said...

It sounds lovely. I wish I'd have been able to go. Glad you all had a good time

Dawn said...

Wonderful days <3

Unknown said...

Lovely to hear about your weekend with us. It was great to meet all you Goddesses. ; )

Kate at Kite Hill Yurts