Saturday, 18 May 2013


6 months, into a now 21 year old relationship
N at 26 was still being asked for ID
I was feeling (and still do) like the cat that got all the cream
We, have flown high on love, welcoming our babies, creating our World, living, sharing and learning together
We, have known the depths of darkness, loss, illness, worry and despair
We have clung to each other, counted our blessings, L, K, E and O, and survived
I love this man, I love our children, our family
I am richly blessed

Behind those dark clouds is always sunshine.


arwen_tiw said...


(I love that photograph!)

Jacqui said...

So gorgeous - love you both xxx

Dotty said...

Ah that's lovely! You look like you were meant to be together xx

Unknown said...

Yep, you're still like the cat who got the cream....You're still purring. ;-)

sustainablemum said...

Gorgeous picture, twenty one years wow here's to another 21!