Thursday, 29 August 2013

Back to Basics - Home Ed Style

I overwhelm myself so easily, searching for fun, exciting, educational stuff to do, clicking from blogs to searches to websites to pinterest, list of equipment, ingredients and such,overload.
Then I shut down, give up, feeling like I've already produced a wealth of entertaining projects, when in fact, nothing has been accomplished, the table is bare ! 

Then something kicks in, memories of washing my doll's clothes in the garden, making cardboard box camps, fairy house building, all simple, easy fun.
So, I set the table up with pots of beans, seeds, spices and a mound of dough, leftover from pie making.
He's still there, at the table, an hour and a half later, mixing, smelling, chopping, tasting !

We took a wander in the garden, finding fresh ingredients, herbs snipped and smelt, adding more interest to my little chefs creations.

Reminding myself ( yet again ) simple, slow, easy is the best

Water Play - make the most of the good weather, in the garden with buckets, pots, pans, washing doll's clothes, cuddly toys, bikes, the car.

Painting - think big, splatter paint, foot prints, take your paints to a favourite spot and capture it.

Play dough, dough, salt dough - add seeds, spices, beans, herbs, colour.

What's your go to, easy activity ?

He does the washing up too.


Dotty said...

Mine used to love magic painting- paintbrushes and a mug of water. They could paint bid designs on the patio, than watch as the warmth of the sun made them disappear! The other thing they used to ask me over and over for was "float or sink"- big bowl of water and lots of objects to drop in. They would guess whether each one would float or sink!

Jacqui said...

Lovely - James likes washing up - hope it will last xx

Danigirl said...

nearly always something water related here - coloured water for mixing (with glitter/beads/sequins etc), washing up, bubbles, dolly swimming parties, oooh and ice play. All pretty quick and easy to set up :-)

Love these photos.

Kelly said...

Excellent. It is so easy to get bogged down with exciting ideas and get nothing done!