Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Us, warts and all

Yesterday's beach day felt, very much like the coming of the end, Summer retreating, Autumn drifting in.
The place was packed, everyone come to give a salute, a farewell, a nod of thanks. 
Today feels like it should be September, funny how this early Bank Holiday has confused my sense of time.

What a Summer ! 
So much adventure, fun and laughter with family and very, dear friends.
So many events that have been left unsaid here, the great and the good, like the magical time spent with a long lost, much loved, very special family member, not seen for over 30 years to the heartbreakingly sad, of our wonderful daughter still in hospital battling an eating disorder.
How much to share, how much to tuck away, a constant bloggers dilemma and yet if too much is left out, this place feels hollow, dare I say alittle fake, especially as I have spent hours trawling through blogs hoping to find a glimpse of how others cope, manage, survive under such    sadness. 

So, this morning over breakfast,  while remembering our fabulous time in Lewis, with some delicious marmalade bought there, thinking about the coming of Autumn and the changes the turning of the year brings, I'm thinking about the now and where we, all are.
Our biggest boy, just turned 19, he heads back to Leeds next week, house sharing with 3 friends ! looking forward to his second year of a politics degree. He is full of ideas, thoughts, passionate about the World, it's people and his place here.
Our girl, is now 15 and 19 months into a hospital stay, battling anorexia and depression, it destroys us, wears us out and leaves us longing for all the answers, the miracle cure but mainly for our girl to be back, to be home, to be well.
Little man is going to be 6 in afew short weeks, 6, yes really. He's a joy, most of the time, hard work, frustrating and loud some of the time. He's learning in the home environment, a mix up of free play, visits, friends to play, festivals and the odd workbook thrown in for good measure.

Knitting, cooking, days out and all will continue on these pages, with maybe just a touch more of who we really are.


Jacqui said...

Love to all of you xxx

karen said...

I will add your daughter to my prayers. Being a mother is one of the best but hardest roles in life, may you find your strength.

Unknown said...

Sending you so much love. Your beautiful daughter, stands out in my memory of the Mother family Camp so much, such a beautiful girl. Hoping she finds the strength and healing she needs. Your family is in our thoughts today.
Lots of love
Gina x x

Riverrainblossom said...

So nice to find out a little more about you! Wishing your family, especially your daughter, much love xxx

Kelly said...

Love you always!

Unknown said...

When I was 11 (30 yrs ago) I was in hospital for a routine op. and on my ward was a girl battling anorexia, her image has stayed with me, she was so troubled but so beautiful, I learn't that after several years she beat this disease and went on to have a family, there is always hope x