Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Dishcloths - Yarn Along

Joining in today with Ginny over at
Books and Knitting, knitting and books, these are a few of many favourite things.

I've hit my annual mid-summer slump of knitting, where every project cast on is wrong for one reason or another and ends up ripped back and discarded.
An almost finished Griffin vest for O was taken apart and abandoned due to a yarn join, right in the middle of the front, that bothered me so much it had to go, not content with taking it back to the join, I kept winding until all the yarn was back in balls and stored a way for another time.
It's not that the weather is hot, this is the UK after all, it's muggy, windy, showers and full on rainy, sunny, not so much, it's just not, well, autumn, winter, cosy, fireside, soup kind of proper knitting project time.
So dishcloths it is, because I certainly can't be without needles and yarn.
Cotton is perfect, bright, fun colours, pops of yellow, blue, orange and dishcloths, just the right size for an afternoon or evening, in the garden, watching a movie or listening to the rain.

No thought provoking, summer reading classic, just a fast paced, action filled thriller by my bedside.
This is my fourth Jack Reacher novel and I don't feel quite done with him yet, his time will come, I'm sure, I have a habit of binging on authors, Patricia Cornwell, Faye Kellerman, Kathy Reichs, only to grow fed up with the same old, same, still good while it lasts.


deborah said...

Your dishcloth design is beautiful!

Dishcloths are the extent of my knitting, but I love making them. My pattern is a very simple one.

I love your description for proper larger knitting project weather. :) I love summer, but autumn weather is cozy. Winter is my least favorite. A month of winter weather would be ample for me.

elizabeth said...

dishcloths are always good to make!
thanks for visiting today on my blog ... I love Elizabeth Goudge's Little White Horse!
have a great day! stay cool in this heat!

maggie said...

Oh wow i love everything! Love your rug? in the first photo Love your dish cloth ( too pretty to use!) and your tap.. im so in love with your tap, lol.

Never read a Jack Reacher novel, i keep saying i must get round to it.
Thanks for visiting my blog x

Becki said...

I love crocheting dishcloths and I love that your post gives me permission to. The only thing I like better than crocheted dishcloths are knitted ones. But I haven't learned to knit yet. Maybe summer is a good time to do so. :^)

Becky said...

Can I ask a really silly newbie knitter question? The dishcloths, do you use them enjoyed just like regular dishcloths? to wipe down kitchen surfaces ect?

I love reading the Jack Reacher books, I have a few on my bookshelf I picked up at car boots ect cheap and have enjoyed all the ones I have read :-)

sylvia said...

dishcloths have been on my list for a long time. i really should make some soon!
have a lovely day!

nocton4 said...

Yes exactly the same, honey
Use them then fling them in the washer
Perfect x

nocton4 said...

Thanks so much x