Saturday, 18 July 2015


On a recent trip to Ireland I ate my body weight in fabulous bread - soda farls, potato, wheaten, Veda   
( oh my goodness, Veda bread, who knew ) and sourdough, home tended, home made, divine sourdough at Siobhans. Their daily bread, my slice of perfection.
Ireland was a fabulous adventure, there have been many since I was last here, lucky lady that I am, days out with friends, festivals, trips to Florida, the Keys and my beloved Isle of Lewis, much has changed here but as is life, much is still the same.
We still home educated O ( nearly 8 ! ) I still knit, read, sew ( occasionally ) cook, forage, create.
We still live in the same house, in the same village.
Friends have come, some gone and thankfully those very dear, family of the heart friends are still here.
There have been heartbreaking goodbyes, to dear loved ones including my Grandad.
Celebrations of birthdays, births, long lasting marriages, achievements and the every day, each day has something to put a smile on your face, like restarting this blog and seeing your lovely comments, thank you.

Eager to have my own sourdough going on, I bought a starter and set to feeding it, nurturing it, celebrating all it's bubbly goodness and then finally I made bread.
So now I have my own daily bread happening, my own slice of heaven.
Life is good.


Unknown said...

So GOOD to see you blogging again, and sharing all those values you hold so dear. What an inspiration you continue to be. I remember Siobhan's bread. For quite some time (before I became gluten free), I had sourdough from a starter Alex gave me. Very special. Thank you, Denise.

devonmama said...

So lovely to see you back! Sour dough...delicious...I will bet that was incredible, especially since it was made with your own fair hands, the start of a new baking tradition. Will look forward to your posts xx

Wyld Jane.. said...

Lovely xx

Hannah said...

Fantastic! Your bread looks really great.
There's so much science to be found in bread baking, particularly with a starter. And you can make your own starter really easily - they're a bit like a pet!
A couple of years ago I bought my Mum a book called One More Slice which has so many recipes for using sourdough starters that you might not think of. IIRC she also uses different starters for different purposes.

Kelly said...

Certainly brought a smile to me with you blogging again. Wonderful catch up. Wonderful life. Incredible bread. Keep at it all!

Cheryl said...

Sour bread is on my list. Where did you buy your starter? I know you can make it, but as a novice, I might just err on the side of caution. It is fab to see you back in this space.

Unknown said...

I really need to get some sourdough on the go!