Sunday, 9 August 2015

Beach Buddies

As most people were leaving, we arrived
Late afternoon sunshine
Sausages to BBQ, flasks of tea and cake, Madeira cake
Kites to fly and spades to dig 
And the sea
To splash to kick and jump, to paddle, to swim

Family to chat with, teenagers to tease
Knitting abandoned for bug swatting
Frisbee and traffic jams of cars, planes and diggers
Sand filled buckets
Water to collect and sand dunes to explore
These times are good, healthy, healing
We are restored


Cheryl said...

Love beach time. Simple fun, but the best. Happy days indeed.

karen said...

there is nothing like being at the beach! I love when I am able to go :) Love the last photo of life being lived and toys thrown everywhere about.

Dotty said...

So lovely to make the time to do these things, fun family & friends:)