Tuesday, 4 August 2015


What a great week of art, a free on-line course with video tutorials, nothing fancy needed - paper, pencils and paint and around 30 minutes of your time.


Monday, 3 August 2015


It's very green in the greenhouse, plants heavy with vines of tomatoes.
I spied, exactly one ripe, red, ready to eat fruit today, there has been the odd one or two more over the last few weeks but not the baskets and baskets full, I'm ready and waiting for.
The garden plants are equally green with less fruit, apart from a variety with black tomatoes, which seems to be enjoying the mix of frequent rain, occasional sun we are having this Summer.
Plannings of roasting, freezing and dehydrating, along with slicing and eating are on stand-by while we wait, hopefully for some days of sunshine.
We have grown tomatoes each year, like my Dad and my Grand Fathers, long before we had a greenhouse, before we even had a garden, grow bags, a sunny wall and young, leafy tomato plants (have never done well with seeds ) in the tiny, back yard of our first house, did fine.
Green tomato chutney is all well and good, with the final fruits of the season but I'd rather be roasting with garlic, making salsa or simply slicing onto sourdough bread, spread with butter and sprinkled with salt than bottling and pickling these beauties.
Bring on the sun.

Friday, 31 July 2015

January - June Knitting

It doesn't feel as though my needles have been that productive this year and yet when I looked back over the photos, I found quite a selection.

My stack of dishcloths have been replenished, severel tiny, new babe knits have been made.

Socks and leg warmers for a friend's little girl.
Hand spun, cotton, sock yarn, stripes, plain, old patterns, much loved and new ones have been used.

Yet my yarn pile seems to have grown rather than diminished, now isn't that the way !

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Thursdays with The Buddies

think we'd be ok to call ourselves, seasoned home educators, enough years under our belts, paper mâché works of art, boxes of pictures, ticket stubs and pond dipping sessions attended to be the real deal. 
By no means experts, mistakes aplenty, disasters, triumphs and glitter crusted carpets are us. 

Denise - This will be our 14th year of learning at home, what began with Lewis at 7, taken out of school for a break, followed with Katie and Oscar never attending school.
Lewis, 21 and Katie, 17 now at University and college both decided to go to school in their teens.

Do we unschool ? Maybe
Are we project based learners ? Sometimes
Workbook Users ? Occasionally
Times tables, curriculum, hours of school time, test taking ? No, we are definitely not.

We learn at home, Oscar and I, by doing, seeing, listening, investigating, making and play, lots of play.
Our weeks flow, nothing much fixed firmly, plenty of time and space for all that life has to offer.
But Thursday, Thursdays are different, Thursdays we have a long standing date with our buddies, Jack and Susan.

And those are days full of adventure.

Susan - We are a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 children, living in a very rural area. Our 2 oldest children chose to go to school for the first time when they reached age 14 so for the last 2 years Jack remains the only one being home educated. This has allowed Jack to really establish his own pace and rhythm and way of processing things.  We learn, discover, repeat and develop together throughout the week of play, music, talking, watching and doing. Ok so there's the necessity of frequent medical appointments and treatments but Jack isn't being taken out of education to attend them, they're just a part of the overall week.

We'd love to start sharing our adventures here, each Thursday.
Our Paddington Bear days, gardening and play days, making, cooking and sharing days, days out and days in, Book Sharing days, holidays, festivals and fun days.

These Buddies are our greatest teachers and sometimes we teach them.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Guernsey - Yarn Along

Joining in with http://www.gsheller.com

Things have stepped up a gear since last weeks dishcloths, this cold weather will do that.
Over the weekend, I wore not one but two pairs of wool socks, layers of tops, cardis and jumpers, topped with a waterproof coat.
We were at a festival, Underneath the Stars in Yorkshire but seriously it's nearly August, I was freezing and we weren't even camping ( hotel with beds, bath, shower and cooked breakfast )
I cast on f.pea's organic guernsey just before we left and knit on it solidly over the weekend, sitting in the big top, listening to the delights of Eddi Reader, Kate Rusby and more, while dodging the rain showers.
Coming up to the end of the first ball of Rowan Luxury Cotton, DK, I finally succumbed to what had niggled me from dividing for the sleeves ( this is a top down, free pattern ) it looked too small, way too small.
I ripped back, right back and cast on for 12months instead of the 6, so pleased I did, loving how it's looking now.
Yarn is wonderful, soft and the colour is a summery apple mint delight, I'm not normally a cotton fan but this has won me over.

Total childhood flashbacks, reading Enid Blyton to Oscar, my days were filled with Famous Five and Secret Seven, this gentle tale of life for four town children, recently moved to a farm is a summer reading delight, even if the weather isn't playing ball.

Monday, 27 July 2015


For years we enjoyed tiny little alpine strawberries from our garden, plants bought on a day out, planted in a pot and savoured each summer.
Then the chickens found them !
Those tiny, sweet bursts of goodness, didn't stand a chance, fruit, leaves, plant and roots, totally wiped out.

New plants, different variety, full sized beauties, new position in the garden, raised bed in fenced off vegatable patch has produce plump, juicy treats and lots of them.
The harvest has been good and looks to last for a couple more croppings at least.
Mostly enjoyed fresh from the picking, I have however managed 3 pots of rhubarb, strawberry and vanilla jam and strawberry and mint cordial, some in the fridge and some in the freezer for instant sunshine in the depths of winter.

Friday, 24 July 2015


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