Sunday, 2 October 2011

October - The Plans

Having heard about pinterest for awhile now but not really "getting" it, I finally gave it a look,
needless to say, it's good, very good.
My boards are growing and I am loving sorting and saving, plans are coming together for baking, making and trips.
Here's our Autumn Must Do board
( greatly inspired by this lovely post )

 So many wonderful pumpkin recipes flooding blogs and sites, I am determined this year to do more than just scoop out and carve for Halloween, feeding the insides to the chickens.
Top on my list are
pumpkin hummus, sounds amazing.Would love a pumpkin risotto recipe if anyone has one please.
Socktoberfest is a month long sock knitting project
Brilliant timing for me, staring Yule gifts and digging into my large stash of sock yarn.
My aim is to finish off a pair that has been on the needles since July and then getting at least one more pair made.

 I had quite a pumpkin spice thing, going on in Florida this time last year, so was delighted to see this clever lady's post
So I will be reliving those days with my favourite autumn drink and for the time being the sunshine too.

The end of October brings a very special visit, a week in the Isle of Lewis, so very wonderful in its own rite but staying with this gorgeous family
makes it a treat beyond measure ( did you see those pigs, oh my ! )

Would love to hear your plans for the month ahead.


Jacqui said...

And we are so blessed to have you visit with us.
Mind you, I will be checking your suitcase for piglings when you leave, because I know you will be smitten. xxx

Susan said...

Dearest Denise~Kelly would have commented on the "Drink Pumpkin Spice Latte"--her absolute favorite. She couldn't wait until it showed up in the coffee shops in the Fall. I wish I had time to knit socks, but I have two afghans and a quilt going. Have a wonderful visit...wish you were coming here! XOXO

Dawn said...

Ah pinterest ... have set up on there but not had much time to play yet ... but will do soon.

We love pumpkin season, it's the local big pumpkin festival here next week too so that will be lots of fun. You must do more than carve them, such a wonderful fruit.

Socktoberfest sounds good, I'm knitting some handspun socks at the moment.

Have a great time on Lewis, no really I'm not at all jealous ;-)

Becky said...

Big Pintrest fan here too, Im sure we follow eachother :-) I cant wait to try Hanna's Syrup too!

Cheryl said...

I hate just throwing away the pumkin flesh. We're growing smaller variety this year, which I've been assured will taste better. We'll see. Off to check out the ravelry link. I'm intrigued.

Kimmy said...

Have a lovely time at Jacqui´s!
I looked at pinterest but can´t seem to get my head around it :)
Kimmy x

purplepear said...

Lucky you to be going to Jacqui's.I'm green with envy. Have a great time!

Laura said...

Gorgeous post. And it truly feels like autumn today.
Have a wonderful time up at the croft. Give Jacqui a hug from me. xx