Monday, 5 December 2011


I always plan to spend more time here, writing posts in my head, only to get caught up in the flow of the day, forgetting what I felt the need to say later when time allows or not having my camera with me to take the perfect shot, oh but I do love this space and the connections it brings, the time to share and ponder, learn and grow.
The first snowflakes have just fallen here, followed by sleety rain and now some very weak sunshine.
No plans for the day ahead, as most of us, myself included have coughs and colds, so an early fire and stories with soup for lunch.
Festive shopping is being completed mainly on-line (does anyone brave the shops now ? ) or coming off the needles, although I feel my far too long list of knits has already beaten me ( note to self - start in July next year ) Visits to a couple more craft fayres and Christmas markets will I hope, leave everyones name on my list with a tick beside it.

we have been adorning our windows with O's creations.

I cried (of course) as our shoe boxes and those generously filled by friends, joined the van full of LOVE,
to begin the journey to boys and girls around the World.

With one thing and another, times have been a little dark here recently, full on family life and all its joys, worries, stresses and strains taking their toll, so I have been mentally taking myself back to a magical night on the Isle of Lewis, watching our lantern as it climbed higher and higher into the night sky, a warm, orange glow in the dark, carrying with it our hopes, wishes and dreams.
Finding comfort in the light within the dark.

Blessings to all.


Claire said...

(((hugs))) hold on to the light, sometimes that is all we have.

Unknown said...

Hugs, honey. Hugs.

Jacqui said...

Tears,darling. Happy memories. xxx

Kelly said...

Always so much heart. Love to you.

Susan said...

Dearest Denise~My heart and thoughts are with you during the holidays...wishing I was near enough to give you a big hug.
You've been a shining light with my loss, sharing yourself with a perfect stranger. You're what Christmas is about. Love you, always, Susan