Monday, 8 October 2012

In Suffolk

We holidayed
We relaxed
Finished books, knitting projects and crafts
Wave danced
Ate local goodness
And came home feeling renewed

Welcome Autumn, full of rich beauty, bright,crisp days, fires, soups and chilly nights.

I embrace all that you are.


arwen_tiw said...


Susan said...

We need those times in our lives--I'm so happy you got to take some time for your spirit to renew! Xoxo

Jacqui said...

Wonderful xxx

Rose said...

not so very far from us then :) Glad you've had the chance to recalibrate, good sea air does wonders for the soul. with love and strength x

Dawn said...

Lovely x

Unknown said...

Beautiful, my friend. Thanks for the postcard! It was wonderful having you through my post.

Rae said...

Beautiful pics; love the one of the feet in the sea and the gorgeous flower at the end. Thanks for sharing gorgeous goddess xx

Unknown said...

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