Sunday, 8 September 2013

Embracing Autumn

Yesterday was busy, shopping, into town on what turned out to be a fruitless errand, then on to a friends, lovely garden party, children playing, pimms and cake, chat and laughter.
Today is slow, a chilly, hand knit socks on day, autumn is seriously, firming up her grip.
We have tidied, a little.
Revived, our seasons table.
Roasted more tomatoes with garlic and herbs, ready for the freezer, prepared runner beans for freezing too.
Gorgeous, bountiful crops from our garden.
I foraged in the garden for blackberries and then used them to tuck away a depth of Winter treat, blackberry vodka.
And now, Sunday evening, soup and buttered bagels for supper, knitting and Country File, we're sinking into the season quite well.


smilymel said...

Your seasons table is delightful, and you make an autumnal day sound just heavenly. My day suddenly seems quite mundane, but maybe I just need to be a little more mindful.

Dotty said...

Looks like you are heading into Autumn with a smile xx

karen said...

you had me at "hand knit socks". That is what fall is all about :)

Rachel said...

I have just found your blog from the Green Parenting forums and have loved reading! I love this time of year. Cooking and foraging and soup - all perfect :)

Hannah said...

Beautiful Autumnal things! It really is my favourite season. I love to cosy down and enjoy it x