Monday, 3 June 2013

In our garden

All the rain of May and now the bright sun of June, is finally paying dividends with our garden, it's mud bath look now replaced with fresh, green growth, rose buds and a riot of herbs.
We are not great gardeners, we're not even good gardeners, we grow veg haphazardly each year, greenhouse full of  tomatoes and cucumbers, salad leaves, runner beans and peas in pots, the rest of our produce competes with the weeds, which we faithfully dig up at the start of the growing season, only to loose heart somewhere around July/August, letting survival of the fittest win out.
I yearn for a pretty cottage garden full of hollyhocks, lupins and roses round the door, neat rows of prize winning veg and chickens, ducks, maybe even a goat.
There is in our garden some of all of that, amongst the toys, sand pit, chicken poop and dog race track and that is just fine with me.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Wish I was there to share it with you ;-) My perennials are finally coming up and ready to long last.

Love, V

Unknown said...

Your graden looks so pretty and that's good that you grow vegetables they come out more healthy and natural.

Hannah said...

Love this post. My idea of a perfect garden is similar to yours. I'm finding that those gardens that looks effortless and wild are actually quite carefully tended.