Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Knitting on the Isle - 3 - Yarn Along

Using my thick,thin handspun to knit a Simple yet Effective Shawl, in colours of sunshine and bright, new moss.
As my new spinner yarn is somewhat uneven, I've gone up afew needle sizes to a 5.5mm, which is creating a nice knit.
Stunning places to sit awhile with needles and yarn, here in Lewis, inspiration surrounds you, vast skies, craggy rock sides, wide, open beaches, tall, strong fortresses all painted in palettes of undeniable beauty.
I seriously under estimated the amount of yarn I have for this project, will need to order and spin more, such a chore haha, wondering how well I can match it up.
Third time knitting this shawl, still loving it, perfect for pick up, put down wave watching, castle climbing, shell seeking.

Just started reading Eloise by Judy Finnigan of This Morning and Book Club, set in Cornwall with the promise of spooky goings on, seems a perfect holiday read.

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karen said...

I am knitting with nearly the same color, I just love it! Gorgeous photos of where you are knitting :)

Jacqui said...

Just beautiful - the shawl and yarn are gorgeous xxx

Dawn said...

Looks beautiful xx

Oh the hardships of buying more fibre and spending those hours spinning it ;) <3

Shosannah said...

What a beautiful shawl! Perfect for those breezy Autumn days to come :)

fjord girl said...

This is so beautiful the colors and the location.

sustainablemum said...

What a wonderful colour!

Reinventing Mother said...

The color is amazing, but those views! Be still my heart!

Kymberly said...

Beautiful shawl and amazing photos.