Thursday, 24 July 2008

Happy Day Smiles

A parcel sent to new friends, received and enjoyed by all, and for me, a letter from a good friend in America, full of love and remembrance.
Edible flowers from the Veg Box.

and the very best of Smiles ..... a new babe, born last night to a Wonderful Woman, Amazing Friend and Fantastic Mama ... welcome to the World TE, may your life be full of the Sweetest Smiles.


Jem said...

Those flowers look beautiful, are you going to put them in a salad?
Lovely news about your friends baby, always love to hear about a new babe XX

Rae said...

what a perfect day. And I love the news about a new babe coming earthside too :)

big love,
Rae x

kate said...

good news about the baby!! Glad to hear it!

What are those flowers, the big yellow ones? Are they sunflowers? I am always looking for edible flowers (not that my kids eat them when they are offered! Except for M.)