Thursday, 27 November 2008

Counting my Smiles

Today seems like a good time to " count my smiles "

Naughty giggles at Home Ed Drama Group with the other Mamas.

A fantastic Son through to the Regional Finals for Enterprise Week .... and boy has he come up with a good idea.

Sneaking out Circle Dancing tonight.

My wonderful "Mother Friends" ..... who are all just the Best.

A Husband returning from a week away in Africa, tomorrow ... counting down the hours.

These gorgeous Sunflowers sent from Emma & her wonderful family.

A new-to-Me bread maker ( I stupidly Freecycled mine and regretted it as the lady pulled out of our drive ! ) how happy was I to be offered another ... 2 loaves made and eaten so far.

Watching my incredible Daughter grow into a wonderful young Woman ... She's playing Eliza Scrooge in our Home Ed take on A Christmas Carol, fantastic.

New & old friendships ... all so very special.

A happy, healthy nursing Babe.

How blessed am I.


C said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely smiles - don't smiles spread easily!
Love C x

Jem said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post Mama xx

Laura said...

Lovely post. Beautiful blessings. x

willow81 said...

Lovely post, Mama, and beautiful sunflowers.
Also, you asked about the banner title on my blog- I went to, which is a brilliant site where you can edit and add text/ effects to your photos. It's really easy to do and you don't even have to register.
So, on picnik I added my blog title text to a photo and saved it to my computer. Then went to 'customise' on Blogger, and 'edit' the header. Upload your photo, click on the 'use photo instead of title and description' and also click 'shrink to fit'. Da-da, you *should* have your banner.
Happy editing :-)

arwen_tiw said...

Thankyou for the smiles again. And I hope circle dancing was fabulous again! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful x

Gina said...

beautiful post :)