Saturday, 26 September 2009

Red Hot

We grow tomatoes every year in our greenhouse, as many different varieties as we can cram in.

Our favourite way to use them - roasted with garlic and herbs, then mashed into a wonderful sauce, to use on pasta or as the base for a spag bol.We try and freeze some for enjoying in the winter but never manage to freeze enough.

Nice sliced and eaten with a generous twist of salt and pepper too.

Also growing in the greenhouse this year, these amazing chillies.

A real bumper crop.


Jacqui said...

wow - fab harvest there. We have done well too and I have bottled several jars of passata this year. Hope O had a great birthday. Lots of love xxx

Heather said...

Those tomatoes look amazing. We have just pretty much finished up the harvesting and canning, and now it is time to put away for winter.