Monday, 6 September 2010

Wonderful Weekending

A wonderful weekend of saying Goodbye to Summer and Hello, Welcome to Autumn.
A celebration of the Seasons.

Firstly, Saturday afternoon bought some much longed for new additions, years of N not being keen to add to the family,in the form of some feathered friends, ended with a small " For Sale " sign a couple of weekends ago at a local fete.
The sign turned out to have been placed by people we know, selling lock, stock and barrel ... the girls.

4 chickens .. now known as Yoko, Linda, Patty and Barbara, wives and girlfriends of The Beatles, inspired by L, my Beatle mad boy.

I have wanted chickens for as long as I can remember, so this really has been a dream come true.

O welcomed "the girls" by reading them all of his books that have chickens in, they seemed to appreciate it.

Sunday morning, up and out early, to Wragby Gala.
A day of country fare, plenty of farm animals for O, dream cars .. see above, Morris 1000 Traveller ( I'm working on it ! ) and sunshine.

Home for a cup of tea, pick up another picnic and to add some extra layers of clothes.
Then, off to a lovely Country Hotel for a Proms evening in the grounds with Cleethorpes Brass Band.

Fantastic setting and amazing music, loved the James Bond medley.

A rather dark and dramatic end to a fabulous evening and amazing weekend.


Linda said...

What lovely chickens!

Unknown said...

Chickens are great, I'm trying to convince my husband that we'll have to get some soon too! I love that your son wants to read them a book about chickens! :) x

W-S Wanderings said...

Such a wonderful weekend. And lovely new feathered friends! The book reading is adorable :-)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aahh your chickens are so cute, you will fall in love with them, they are fab pets.

Rose said...

Chooks! How nice.

CAM said...

Chickens are just lovely aren't they? I always feel content watching my fat girls scratch about the place happily.

Classroomfree said...

Ooooh, I NEED chickens! Your girls look lovely :) Fab pictures, thanks for sharing them with us xx

Jacqui said...

Fabulous weekend - thanks for letting us share. I am so excited about your girls - what fun they will bring. xx

Cheryl said...

I still get a sense of excitement when I check for eggs. When I saw the photo of the Morris 1000 I thought it was yours packed with goodies you had bought. That would be lovely.

freerangegirl said...

What a fabulous weekend. I'm with you on that Morris, it's so lovely- definitely worth a big smile :)

Cat said...

Chickens are just the best. I hope your lovely ladies are laying lots of eggs for you. xo