Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Suffolk Sunshine

What a treat, a week in Suffolk.

A week of sailing boats, crabbing off little bridges, fish and chips, delicious ice creams, some vintage shopping, running through fields, watching hares, rabbits and birds, feeding swans, stacking pebbles and so many more simple delights, my list would be endless and all flavoured wth the best of company.

A truly magical week.


Susan said...

Beautiful, warm sunshine--we're having a few days of it here too! I feel so invigorated. Love you,

bears footprints said...

yes we havent had much rain here in cambridgeshire, they keep promising us loads but hey there we go. british weather you cant beat it x

Rose said...

Suffolk, we are not far - Cambridgeshire. Not still in these parts by any chance are you? Love Suffolk, glad you did too x

Unknown said...

Sounds lovely, wish we could have some of that sunshine up here! :)

Zane Wooder said...

Fish, chips and ice cream. That sounds like heaven right there.

-Zane of ontario honey