Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer 2011 : 1

Life threw us some spanners and some rainbows, so blogging was put on hold.

The Spanners - A week each in hospital for K and I, different times and reasons.
My stay led to ear, throat and chest infections.
A week in Kuala Lumpur for N working, semi good for him ( well he was
working ) and very bad for me, fresh out of hospital.

The Rainbows - A day of Nurturing at http://http://theredthreadmotherscircle.blogspot.com/p/nurtured-family-nurtured-earth-2011.html
Weekend of fun in the Forest of Dean
Mother Camp in Yorkshire
Barefoot Festival
Celebrating 18 years of marriage

These events have all been wonderful, inspiring, revitalising, the true rainbows though,have been the people, friends old and new.
Time to sit, hold hands, laugh, smile, cry, listen and be.
Seeing children, growing, changing,blossoming.
Watching new friends, festival for the first time and seeing them indulge in every henna tattoo, face painting, glittery thing going.
Looking at my Love and knowing I did good.

Our garden, yet again, does us proud, Mother Earth, shares her bounty so willingly, even with us lazy, neglectful gardeners.
We topped up with a box of plants from Rocket Gardens http://http://www.rocketgardens.co.uk/?gclid=CK7u8sOksKoCFQoe4QodYVCqLw when we realised we had far too many bare spots.

And now we harvest, potatoes ( in our pjs of course ! ) courgettes, basil, lettuces, rocket, beans, peas,tomatoes, cucumbers, so many riches.
We make plans, thinking of storing, ready for the Winter ahead.
But mainly, for now, we sit back and marvel, give thanks and enjoy.

Summer Love to all x


Becks said...

Lovely to see you back and sharing rainbows once again D. Good to hear you are feeling better, happier and stronger.
BTW - did you get my message, GP PM's are playing up again?


Dotty said...

Glad you are feeling better- sounds like some of those rainbows came at just the right time. We've had a fair few spanners recently, but even some of those have made us laugh!!!!

Claire said...

All those spanners are there to make the rainbows even brighter. Glad you are on the mend.


Sue xx said...

aww that was lovely, I didn't realise you'd been so ill.

So good to have you back sharing your busy, crafty, family life and it looks as if a Little Some-one is growing up quickly.

Susan said...

Now I see why you haven't had time to blog...welcome back, dear friend. Your garden looks amazing!

Joxy34 said...

lovely to see you posting again. And gosh, sorry to hear you've been ill, hun. I just assumed you were off having fun.

You take care of yourself hun, and hopefully see you again at another meet :-)

Jacqui said...

Sorry to hear of your illnesses. Hugs to all. Get yourself up here for some R&R. xx

Unknown said...

Oh you poor thing, nothing worse than hospital stays and especially when two of you are unwell. Try and ease yourself gently back into everyday stuff, weeds and washing can wait. Lazy restful days recurperating are what you need, be gentle on yourself, sometimes illness stops us in our tracks for a reason - telling us to ease off and nurture ourselves, get well soon x

nocton4 said...

Thanks for the lovely welcome back, hugs x
Becks - yes, thanks my darling,message received.Are the tops ok ? xx
Dotty - Hope your spanners are all little ones and worked out now x