Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Back to Basics - Home Education Planning

Time tables are not how we roll, we do not school at home, we discover, create, learn, grow, develop, play at home, in our community, with friends and without.
We are very flexible, very fluid, suns out, day at the beach, yes I think so.
September, always has that pull for me though, fresh starts, new thoughts, ideas and a touch of planning.
So we drew up a list of ideas for the season ahead and hung it up as a reminder, a guide.
We'll see where it takes us.


arwen_tiw said...

Beautiful! September usually does that to me, too, but not this year. I'm feeling so happy in our summer groove - although we do have an Autumn fun poster up, just like this one, to tick off the seasonal things we manage. :) I shall have to share ours!

devonmama said...

Lovely idea! We're enjoying thinking of things we want to do in the next few months :) xx

Dotty said...

I always feel like embarking on something new in September. Great idea to have some gentle reminders of fun stuff to do.x

sue said...

Gorgeous idea, I'm off to make one for me and my boy <3 xx