Saturday, 12 November 2011

Seven Days

This boy of mine, loves sausage rolls, so I thought it about time, he learnt to make them.

Another win !
We are loving our sock monkey ( please ignore my dirty windows ! ) here for some adventuring.
A blog giveaway from  thank you.

My wonderful view.

Sparkler fun.

Gathering round the fire with friends.

Autumn bouncing.

Lunch time goodness.

Joining Jacqui, with her wonderful Seven Days, sharing our week, days of family, fun and friends.  she has a lovely giveaway happening now too.


Claire said...

Trampoline and leaves looks good fun. Is that like extreme leaf kicking!!

Susan said...

Our blogs so coincide with each other and focus on the beautiful things (and people) in our lives. Thank you for being one of the friends that has helped me through a difficult time. I love you, XOXO

Unknown said...

Can't believe how much O looks like L....even from behind! Love, V

Jacqui said...

Wonderful week! You are having far too much fun and joy to be cleaning windows! Lots of love xxx

Unknown said...

What a great way to look at our weeks. about a recipe for the last photo?

nocton4 said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments.
Forest_Dweller - the recipe is simple,avocado, chick peas and tomatoes, mixed together then covered in a sprinkling of tamari, splash of olive oil and pepper.Add a handful of cashews.Wonderful, enjoy x