Saturday, 20 February 2010

30 Days of Beauty : 12

Spring ... the returning of the green, fresh shoots, warmer weather ( we're still waiting for that ) longer days and lambs in the field.
We spotted our first of the season, on the journey home from visiting friends.

These Mamas were very interested in coming to say "Hello" to us, until they saw I was carrying a camera and not food.

Gorgeous babes, running, jumping, climbing, greeting Spring with Joy.


Jacqui said...

Beautiful pictures - lambing is quite late her - April before we see any. But the postman brough some spring happiness to us this morning - thank you so much wonderful Mama xx

Ariella said...

Love your pictures! So completely opposite from where I live!

kate said...

Awwww! And here we have a snowstorm again.

Theo likes the "sheeps! mamas babies sheeps!"

Lynn said...

Seeing these little lambs does my heart good!