Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hand Warmers for Woodland Friends

These hand warmers are great and knit up so quickly, wonderful for beginners with no increase or decrease, just cast on, knit, purl and cast off, sewing up the side and leaving a gap for a little thumb to poke through.
Have a guess where the pattern came from !

The first finished pair are for keeping a friends hands warm now, her Mama blogs here

Then I have plans for around 15 more pairs, enough to warm every little hand at O's woodland group, yule gifts for play friends.

4 down, many more to go !
Come and be part of the blogging community, sharing ideas and projects, to make this Holiday a Handmade one, easing the strain on the purse and honouring Mother Earth.


Dawn said...

I have some simple handwarmers on my needles for the little one in the house, made some for myself recently and she asked for some like mama's ... how could I resist saying yes. They are lovely and great when you don't want gloves on.

You'll be busy making all those, won't you? Great gifts.


Erin said...

Beautiful :) The booties & hat arrived today ... thank you so much. No doubt they will be sure to keep my new little bundle of joy warm & cozy.

Elisa said...

Nice!! I need to get on my baby cardigan!!

Susan said...

I wish I was near by to knit with you. I can imagine how much fun we'd have, sipping tea and biscuits, and chatting away. Love you, xoxo

Unknown said...

They are lovely! What a nice idea to knit them for everyone! :) x

Jackie said...

They look lovely - would love to have a go at these, but am only just getting to grips with basic knit stitch!! x

Anonymous said...

They look wonderful. Warm and cozy.

Unknown said...

What a really neat gift to give. I like Susan's Idea of getting together sipping tea and knitting...chatting away with needles clacking.

Nicole said...

those are beautiful! i wish i knew that skill of knitting. i recently contributed the soft baby book on the homemade holiday because sewing CAN be done with little ones running around. thanks for sharing!

the sleepy time gal