Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Off the needles and into the shoeboxes

Our home, full of friends.
Teapots, jugs of milk and pots of coffee.
Cake stands stacked high.
China cups and saucers, pretty tablecloths.

Children running in and out,
trees climbed, rabbit stroked,
friendships rediscovered,
cakes devoured.

A pile of shoe boxes, bursting with gifts.
Colourful wrappings,
Bright smiles
LOVE aplenty.

Thank you x


Claire said...

Those boxes will bring such delight, and the love that has gone into them along with the love gone into the organisation of what looks like a fantastic day, will no doubt be felt by the recipient.

Beautiful, and what a wonderful way to honour Emma.


Pip said...

what a kind and heartfelt gesture!

Susan said...

A very warm and welcoming table for the holidays. And, the mittens will be so appreciated--what a wonderful gift of the heart. XOXO

Unknown said...

Honey, your words are so poetic.

Danigirl said...

Lovely pictures and words, we also did a shoe box for OCC with school which included lovely handknittedness so thank you for the inspiration x

nocton4 said...

Thank you ladies, such a special day x