Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My Children

Bringers of joy, dreams, fun and laughter
Shining stars
Teachers of kindness, compassion, patience and hope
Sharers of awe, wonder and delight
My loves
My children


Kelly said...

Too true and too beautiful. Especially remember you at this time of year and their mama is a precious one too.

Unknown said...

You have the BEST children (all of them, near and far), and they have the BEST parents in you and N. I'm so touched to see you counting your blessings and what is always such an emotional remembrance time. With all my love, V

Jacqui said...

Thinking of you all, Darling Mama. Beautiful boys and girls xxx

Susan said...

My heart resounds with your post! Thank you for being there for me; you are a dear friend and I love you, XOXO