Sunday, 1 September 2013


Friday night knitting
Saturday morning painting
Greek pie leftovers for lunch
Saturday night knitting and a magazine
Sunday roasting
Bedtime story

Happy Monday
Any plans for the week ahead ?


Dotty said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Kids gradually going back to school and college this week, so it will be strange and quiet for me and the dog. We're having our traditional last day coffee and cake at the local garden centre this afternoon. Hope you have a good week.x

Jacqui said...

Good weekend - looks like a boy has had a haircut? Lots of plans - always lots of plans xxx

nocton4 said...

Thanks Dotty, good week vibes to you too xx
Yes, long overdue haircut trip, went with daddy, then I've creams, Jacqui xx

nocton4 said...

Then ice creams :)

Emma said...

O is sooo big now! Sending lots of love Denise xxxxxx